Quality Control

I.T.B. is synonymous with quality. Since 1980, we have been treating fabrics with the same enthusiasm and passion which, in time, has allowed us to become the acclaimed leader of our sector.

Over the years, and with our accumulated experience, we have found that buying and selling fabrics of the highest quality has resulted in success for us and also for all our clients.


Our Purchasing network, built up over the years, ensures privileged relationships with our suppliers, which in turn ensures we are able to obtain the best fabrics that will meet the requirements and scrutiny of our clients.

itb fabrics selezione ed acquisto Michela e Simona
Carry out of all the necessary control checks as the suitability in respect of the quality of the yarns, the accuracy of the colours and the meterage


Once the products have arrived at the warehouse, our employees carry out all the necessary control checks. They verify the suitability in respect of the quality of the yarns, the accuracy of the colours and the meterage.
Quality is the foundation on which we base our service. In the rare occasion that our products fail to provide total satisfaction,then they can be returned immediately.
All our fabrics are first choice, directly checked by us for quality and length.


When all the controls have been completed and the quality of the product has been validated, the sampling commences. All the information is recorded to ensure a quick and easy workflow.

Photographs of the samples are also taken using specialist equipment which guarantees the accurate calibration of colour tones, This ensures that the photographs correspond as closely as possible to the original fabric.

Each label of our samples has a QR-CODE, with which you can check the actual availability of the item in real time with the exact length.

Samples of textile products as worsted wool cotton silk and other fabrics
Our Warehouse storage of textile products


After the sampling the fabrics are painstakingly prepared for storage in the warehouse. The colours of, for example, the fabric and yarns are guaranteed by constant controls of temperature and humidity.
A regular moth treatment (insecticide and repellent) is used in the warehouse to prevent damage thus preserving the quality of the fabrics.

To avoid any errors in the next steps, an automatic patented warehousing system controls the precise storage locations.


Once the order is retrieved from the warehouse, we verify the compliance and quality of the fabric to the specific requirements of the buyer.
All appropriate customs documentation will be prepared and if necessary we can provide information about couriers.

The fabrics purchased by our clients, are carefully packed to guaranteed the quality during transport.


We also pay particular attention to the preparation for shipping. The fabrics purchased by our clients, are carefully packed so as to avoid any damage during transport. They are all labelled and verified according to conformity and/or compliance of the product codes.

The packaged merchandise is then stocked in a secure area, pending the arrival of the courier service. It is then loaded with all necessary care in order to maintain its quality and integrity.

This attention to detail underlines the great commitment on our part, which starts with our careful selection of our suppliers, and continues with the rigorous control undertaken during each phase of the productive process. Starting from the purchase of the product, to its shipment. This enables us to give satisfaction to our clients, in the hope that we have the pleasure of dealing with them once again for future transactions.

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