Our Company

Our company was founded in 1980, in the industrial textile area of Biella, which is the major wool manufacturing area in Italy. It is famous for rendering Italian fashion with the MADE IN ITALY logo renowned throughout the world.


We buy fabrics which are only MADE IN ITALY. Our long experience has enabled us to work exclusively with the highest quality products and with the most famous Italian clothes manufacturers. For these reasons we are able to offer a vast assortment of superior quality fabrics, at unbeatable prices which would be appropriate for all your needs.

Our aim is to succeed in providing the best fabric for your requirement and at the keenest market prices.

Our Staff

Our staff are justifiably proud of their vast experience. They are trained to maintain the highest standards of service and are constantly up to date with the latest trends in order to always guarantee maximum seriousness and competence. We are also specialized in exporting our goods to markets all around the world. Our knowledge in this area ensures that we are able to comply with all the diverse requirements of documentation which exporting entails.



Quality Control

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