The worsted wool fabrics

The worsted wool fabrics are the finest. They are made from long fibres, which make it possible to obtain finer yarns which are not "hairy"

As well as being very pleasant to the touch, thanks to their softness, they are also fresh, light, bright, very resistant to wear and partially waterproof. Combing consists of ordering the fibres selected by their length, after they have been carded, and then producing a yarn with long, straight, parallel fibres.

In this way, a fabric is obtained which does not trap water droplets but instead directs them away from the surface. Because a combed fabric is more dense than a carded one, it will keep a user more sheltered from the wind, whilst still allowing ventilation. Furthermore, combed wools naturally recover their original shape, thus reducing any tendency to wrinkle. This makes worsted the perfect choice for a tailored suit that will always look neat, tidy and free from creases.

Thanks to the combing process durable, light and dry-looking fabrics such as grisaille, gabardine, twill and woolen cloth are created, making them perfect for mid-season wear.

The first worsted fabric was made in England in the 12th century in the village of Worsted, in the county of Norfolk, from which it takes its name. In English, in fact, combed fabrics are called “worsted”. These were made from the long-staple pasture wool from sheep breeds such as Teeswaters, Old Leicester Longwool and Romney Marsh. At the time this pasture wool was not carded, but washed, gilled and combed with heated long-toothed metal combs. It was then oiled and finally spun.

From I.T.B. Fabrics you will find the very best worsted wool fabrics, such as those produced by the woollen mills of Fratelli Cerruti, Ermenegildo Zegna, Lane Tollegno and Angelico . . . all historic companies in the Biella textile district, where some of the world’s finest fabrics are produced.

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